Help! I’m Getting Married! What Do I Do Now ?

Reverend Ongo developed A Practical and Fun Guide that explained Steps To Take and Pitfalls To Avoid When Getting Married. He performed thousands of Wedding Ceremonies and was the Founder of “Your Special Day Wedding Services.” He was a popular Coach, Adviser, Wedding Planner and Officiant, and wrote hundreds of articles on the subject of Weddings and Marriage.

He eventually decided to create an E-Course that put his vast wisdom and humorous anecdotes into writing. The course was titled “Help I Am Getting Married! What Do I Do Now?” This is a question he had been asked many times.

The E-Course contained not only the practical things couples needed to know and do, but the major pitfalls they needed to avoid.

Sprinkled throughout the course he included many real life situations, both funny and a little tragic. The course was designed to relieve the Bride of a “Churning Gut Feeling” that she is missing something.

Yellow Wedding Roses

Here is What Was in the E-course:

Table of Contents:

Day 1
Help I Am Getting Married! What Do I Do Now?

Day 4
Ten Questions You Should Ask Your Chosen Officiant.

Day 6
Ten Questions That Will Get You The Best Deal Off Your Other Services.

Day 8
What Personality Type Are You?

Day 10
Ten Practical Steps I Need To Take.

Day 12
Wedding Day Crimes and How To Prevent Them!

Day 14
Five Ways To Destroy Your Wedding Day.

Day 16
Memorable Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Unforgettable.

Day 18
Outrageous Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Unforgettable.

Day 20
How To Deal With Stress When Your Day Is Fast Approaching.

Day 22
The Most Wonderful Vows I Have Heard.

Day 24
The Most Funny Things I Have Ever Seen.

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