Reverend Stephen has been performing beautiful ceremonies for Brides and Grooms for more than 25 years. He has helped many couples pull off that perfect wedding ceremony.

Have you ever had a question, or maybe multiple questions, but couldn’t ask your Officiant because you hadn’t picked one out yet? Reverend Stephen’s Personal Coaching along with the many other tools in his quiver has prepared young couples for years with regard to their special day.

Personal Wedding Coaching didn’t just answer questions, but also gave options, safeguarding brides and grooms against making Bad Decisions that they might have had to pay for at a later time.

Vintage Wedding Photo

Personal Wedding Planners and Coaches can cost thousands of dollars and they don’t usually do much more than what Reverend Stephen has done through his Coaching throughout his career.

The Inside Scoop about Good Wedding Planners has always been that they carry a large clientele and therefore only have the ability to give their clients maybe 7% of their time and effort. And for 7% or so of their time, is it really a good idea to cut into your wedding budget, a budget that could go towards other important wedding items?

When Reverend Stephen was active, he used to be on his email practically everyday for several hours. With his Wedding Advance Membership he always allowed brides to ask as many questions as they pleased, giving them answers to these important questions in a very short time. He also offered options and ideas to questions they didn’t even ask.