Whenever brides signed up and became a member of “The Wedding Advance” program, they received free access to the use of the Reverend’s Classifieds. The Classifieds went out to thousands of Wedding magazines and subscribers via the top Search Engines to get each and everyone of members’ ads out to virtually thousands of people.

Members weren’t required to sell only Wedding related stuff, but other things that could help towards the expense of their Weddings. They had the ability to list their items on the Reverend’s Classifieds or, on the other hand, buy things they needed or wanted from the Classifieds.

Brides and Bridesmaids in Pink

The best use of the Classifieds was, in the Reverend’s opinion, when a Bride was able to find something they could buy for their wedding that would save them hundreds of dollars. That alone made the Classifieds a worthwhile wedding item.