Full time Ministry and Wedding Officiant for 25 Years and Going Strong!

Reverend Stephen Ongo has always enjoyed performing weddings. From his early days of ministry he has performed 100’s of church weddings. Then he remembers his first on-site Wedding Ceremony at someone’s cottage and that ruined him for the ordinary. After that; “anything goes.”

Cottages, Army Barracks, Islands, Boats, Chapels, Backyards, Farms and the list goes on. Thousands of Ceremonies later he has learned a lot and has even written Articles and Books on the subject of Weddings.

Bride Wearing a White Dress with Flowers

The reverend has been a big part of many weddings, from the extremely intimate to the huge, event-driven, extravagant affairs. He’s seen everything from quiet clarinet music to loud and raucous wedding live bands bouncing all over the stage. Yes, he’s seen it all and has lots of experience in just about any type of wedding or reception.

Reverend Stephen is a professional Wedding Counselor, Coach, Adviser, Wedding Planner and of course Officiant. He comes highly recommended among the best in the field when it comes to Personal Coaching. He was the first in the World to put a template together for Brides that could actually, with just a click of their mouse, construct their own Ceremony with the couples’ names and everything else in just minutes.

“Create Your Own Ceremony” became number 1 on Google, which became very popular as couples with a click of the mouse could create theirs for free. Of course, big companies have now edged him out of the number one spot, but that doesn’t make his ceremony creation system any less amazing.

Bride and Groom Arm in Arm

It was the first of it’s kind, where a couple could, within 20-25 minutes, be up and online with their own Website that included photos, videos, maps, gift registry links, Bios about their party, and more.

Reverend Stephen has helped thousands enjoy the happiest day of their lives. A Top Notch Coach, Wedding Planner, Adviser, Author and Officiant, Reverend Stephen brought it all to the Bride through “The Wedding Advance” Membership Club.